European Consumer Day 2018

The digital economy: what deal for consumers?

On 20 March 2018 the European Economic and Social Committee will join forces with the Bulgarian Economic and Social Council to host the 20th edition of European Consumer Day. This conference will focus on the impact of the digital economy on European consumers.


Consumers are becoming increasingly digital, whether by choice or by default. As society and the economy advance towards the age of post-mass consumption and the Internet of Things, what can consumers expect? A new generation is asking: how does big data affect the choices I make? How much is my personal data worth, and who is using it? Free products – at what price?

These are among the top issues we will be debating with an exciting panel of speakers from the tech world, consumers, influencers and policy shapers and makers. We will also be discussing the trends driving digital consumption, and consumer attitudes towards digitalisation in different parts of the EU. Our guests will also learn what the EU is doing to help consumers not only survive but thrive in the digital economy.